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Centretek and Clients Featured in eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

ehealthcare strategy and trends

Centretek and a number of our clients were featured in a recent article in eHealthcare Strategy & Trends. Our client work was recognized with 12 awards on this year’s eHealthcare Leadership Awards and this article discusses some of the noteworthy aspects of these projects.

Award-Winning Site Designs: More Than Skin-Deep

“What guides great site design? And who defines what great is in the first place? We checked in with some of the 2019 winners of the eHealthcare Leadership Awards to see how they approached their site redesigns, and what drove the decisions they made. The answer is that there is no one answer. Each organization has to define what’s important in its own context, and then figure out how to build a site that reflects its priorities.”

Award-Winning Site Designs: More Than Skin-Deep