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The Squeeze, Vol. 10: Save the Dads

The Squeeze, Vol. 10: Save the Dads.

Sadly, this is no (bad dad) joke...

What’s going on?
This Father’s Day will be the last for 11,500 men with prostate cancer, and this powerful campaign out of the UK reminds us what we’d miss in a world without them.

Men’s health charity, Prostate Cancer UK, launched the campaign ahead of Father’s Day (which is Sunday… you still have time to buy a card!) to raise awareness and research funds for better tests and treatments. It’s not as somber as it seems though. Featuring families from across the UK and a re-recorded ‘90s ballad with custom lyrics, it’s a celebration of all the things that make dads great- the good, the thoughtful and the sometimes cringey.

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What's The Squeeze?
Depravation marketing is typically a no-go strategy in healthcare, but this campaign proves that it can be done tastefully.

Though the campaign was inspired by the statistic that over 30 men will die from prostate cancer on Father’s Day, that’s never mentioned in the work. Instead of making us feel overtly sad or guilty, the tribute to eccentric, touching dadisms is done in a tongue-in-cheek yet heartwarming manner. The organization’s intention was to retain a warm, positive tone of voice from its past communications, but this time engaging an indirect audience of prostate cancer: people with dads over 50 who may becoming increasingly concerned about their parents’ health. And the trendiest way to connect with Millennials is through nostalgia, which Prostate Cancer UK has clearly figured out with the flashback footage and ‘90s ballad remake.

The other clever thing about this campaign is its timing. Instead of launching during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September with other healthcare marketers, they’ve tapped into another relevant but less expected symbolic time of year when public consciousness is arguably higher.

Happy early Father’s Day to all of the dads and father figures, past and present, being celebrated this weekend. We’d love to hear your favorite “dad antics” memory of him, or about the classic dad behavior underway in your own household!

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