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The Squeeze, Vol. 12: Wendy Goes Wild

The Squeeze, Vol. 12: Wendy Goes Wild.

Sometimes, it’s cool to conform..

What’s going on?
Wendy has ditched her pigtails and gone punk to promote the restaurant’s new location in London’s borough of Camden.

Camden is the heart of London’s eccentric art and global food scene, well-known for its outdoor clothes market and live music. It has become a haven of counter-culture, taking on the independent spirit and alternative styles of the many famous artists who’ve called it home (like Charles Dickens and Amy Winehouse). Wendy’s is paying homage to this rich Camden culture in its OOH mural (shown above), which was painted by local street artists and features the brand’s iconic mascot donning three eclectic hairstyles. Followers of the brand’s U.K. social channels can vote on which style will become Wendy’s permanent look for the Camden restaurant.

What's The Squeeze?
Growing health systems can take a page from Wendy’s book about engaging and representing the communities they’re entering.

Many of our clients are merging, acquiring and expanding their physical footprints, but most are not localizing their marketing strategies to each new community. As a well-established brand with other U.K. locations, Wendy’s certainly didn’t need to deploy resources against a custom campaign for a single Camden restaurant. Yet, as Wendy’s Senior International Marketing Director for APMEA & Europe shared, “As a new brand entering such a culturally rich neighborhood, it was important for us to show respect for the community and showcase the genuine excitement we have to become a part of it.” The collaboration with local artists, community’s input on their restaurant’s mascot and “Camden twist” on Wendy’s logo does just that, staying true to the iconic brand while giving it a distinctly local – and in turn inviting – flavor.

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