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The Squeeze, Vol. 13: The Ugly Truth (Podophobics Beware!)

The Squeeze, Vol. 13: The Ugly Truth (Podophobics Beware!).

Always remember to stay true to you.

What’s going on?
Birkenstock just launched its first global brand campaign, titled “Ugly for a Reason,” addressing the importance of foot health and how proper footwear plays a role in maintaining it.

While the provocative campaign name is meant to draw a connection between the perceived ugliness of the human foot – (seriously, so sorry, Podophobics!) – and its utility, the same could be said of Birkenstock’s signature and arguably unstylish sandals. This content-driven campaign serves as both promotional and educational, highlighting Birkenstock’s longstanding orthopedic ethos. It aims to draw attention to the fact that most painful foot issues are caused by poor footwear, demonstrating why proper shoe design, quality and responsibility are important to foot health and are Birkenstock’s brand promise. Click the photo below to view the first installment of their three-part documentary series, produced by T Brand Studios, the content arm of New York Times Advertising.

What's The Squeeze?
Birkenstock proves that brands who stay purpose-driven and embrace their strengths can stand the test of time.

Birkenstock’s core designs have remained comfortable and aesthetically unpleasing regardless of style trend fluctuations since its founding nearly two-and-a-half centuries ago. They’ve fully embraced their “ugly duckling” reputation, staying committed to their sole (pun intended) purpose of function over fashion.

Though unconventional in the footwear industry, its consistency has paid off as Birkenstock reportedly sells 25 million pairs of shoes per year. There’s a good chance that this timely purpose-driven and somewhat self-deprecating content initiative will connect with consumers and boost sales even further.

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