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The Squeeze, Vol. 17: Adiós, Hispanic Heritage Month

The Squeeze, Vol. 17: Adiós, Hispanic Heritage Month.

Cómo se dice passion fruit?

What’s going on?
Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to an end, and this ad from Expedia reminds us of the rich diversity of Latino cultures and identities being celebrated.

There’s no single term for passion fruit in the Spanish language. Parts of Mexico call it maracuyá. A parchita in Venezuela may be a chinola in the Dominican Republic. And it’s likely a grandilla in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru and elsewhere. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month and its nuanced tapestry of cultures, Expedia metaphorically features passion fruit – and the myriad of words for it – at the center of its new commercial for U.S. Latino travelers. Voiced by bilingual Mexican and American actress, Salma Hayek Pinault, in both English and Spanish languages, the ad embraces the differences and complexities of Latino culture (rather than lumping them all together).

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What's The Squeeze?
The Hispanic audience is an incredibly diverse one, so marketers need to see beyond demographics and one-size-fits-all campaign approaches to connect with them.

Hispanic consumers now make up over 18% of the total US population, with a buying power that’s risen by 80% over the past decade. Despite their growing importance, only four in ten Latinos say they feel acknowledged and understood by brands. (Hint: doing so requires more than copy translation and “ethnically ambiguous” talent). Though truly connecting with this community requires a dedicated, long-term strategy, we’ve rounded up some best practice tips from Hispanic industry members on how to start better resonating now:
  • Intertwine English and Spanish – 2019 research reported that 72% of Latinos ages 5 and older spoke English proficiently. They tend to move fluidly between English and Spanish (“Spanglish”), so Hispanic consumers don’t necessarily need to be targeted with ads in Spanish to make an impact.
  • Accurately reflect the population – Currently 58% of the Hispanic population in the U.S. is younger than 34 and 30% self-identify as multi-racial. This is a relatively young, digitally-savvy and cross-culturally nuanced audience, which is often misinterpreted in marketing.
  • Avoid stereotypes and reflect the full spectrum of Hispanic lives – Too many Hispanic-directed campaigns rely on the same themes of hard work ethic, commitment to family, and vibrant celebrations. While all are an important part of Hispanic culture, it’s an overdone (and non-differentiating), flattened depiction of their experiences. Hispanic consumers express their ambitions, individuality and creativity in multifaceted ways.
  • Show up all year long – While everyone wants to – and should – celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month, Hispanic consumers tune out “wallpaper” messaging from brands who superficially join the conversation just one day or month of the year.

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