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The Squeeze, Vol. 20: Wiggle Wiggle, Jiggle Jiggle

The Squeeze, Vol. 20: Wiggle Wiggle, Jiggle Jiggle.

Let’s get this party started.

What’s going on?
Ocean Spray’s new holiday season campaign promotes the humble cranberry from traditional side dish to party starting star.

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s the cranberry’s time to shine. Whether or not it actually gets eaten, cranberry sauce will be a staple dish on Thanksgiving tablescapes tomorrow. Often the only bright red food in a sea of beige, Ocean Spray’s “Power Your Holidays” campaign pays homage to the punch that cranberries have provided tables for centuries. Leaning into its telltale jiggle, the campaign promises that holiday dinners – no matter how forced, formal or awkward – will never be boring when jellied cranberry sauce is at the center. The light-hearted and delightfully strange spot features a custom track (by electronic dance group The Detroit Grand Pubahs) and aims to help younger generations see the cranberry with new eyes. Whether you identify as a cranberry lover or hater, you’re bound to gobble up this spot.

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What's The Squeeze?
Even the most iconic brands shouldn’t simply rest on their recognition.

Despite being a 110-year-old staple, cranberry sauce is the most unpopular and secretly hated holiday dish, according to an Instacart survey. 46% of Americans said they find it to be downright disgusting but feel obligated to eat it because of the tradition, so sales increase at Thanksgiving time anyhow. And while that may seem like a satisfying certainty, Ocean Spray is still taking the opportunity to enhance its affinity through this campaign.
  1. The brand wisely isn’t banking on the tradition mindset carrying on forever, and extends its multigenerational appeal with this eccentric campaign approach and #JiggleWithUs social extension.
  2. They’ve daringly exploited the canned cranberry sauce’s most divisive quality – it’s gelatinous jiggle – and turned it into something worth celebrating, creating newfound appreciation from friends and foes alike. If you don’t plan to indulge in the cranberry sauce tomorrow, at least you can enjoy watching it wiggle wiggle, jiggle jiggle.

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