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The Squeeze, Vol. 21: Let’s Chat(GPT)

The Squeeze, Vol. 21: Let's Chat(GPT).

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

What’s going on?
We’re in the midst of a Generative AI frenzy, and brands and agencies (including ours) are quickly — but thoroughly — looking for ways to embrace it for a variety of marketing functions.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce original data and content, like images, videos and text. To understand what all the hype is about, SPM Group has been familiarizing ourselves with ChatGPT (which generates text-based responses).

We asked ChatGPT to help us explain how marketers can leverage Generative AI. Here’s what it had to say:

2Player’s campaign for genealogy startup, Storied, is an example of marketers leveraging Generative AI. While they created the long-form video direction and initial script, ChatGPT and Midjourney (an AI image generator) did the rest. AI crafted the featured family stories, generated the archival photos, and provided the props and wardrobe list. AI even developed style frames to build the look of the film.

The end result of a collaboration between good old-fashioned humans and AI is linked below. Per Storied’s CMO, this marketing mashup “enabled 2Player to create an ad with production value unthinkable with their budgets years ago.”

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What's The Squeeze?
The potential applications of Generative AI are abundant, which can be exciting yet somewhat threatening all at once. No matter what the use case, we should think of it as a supplement to (vs. replacement for) our work.

To date, SPM Group strategists have leveraged ChatGPT in various functional ways, like information gathering, building a consideration set (with pros and cons), as a dictionary and thesaurus, for how-to instructions, brainstorming and riffing ideas, developing outlines and initial drafts, and abbreviating content. While it’s proven eerily and expeditiously informative, it’s certainly not a one and done solution… yet. As SPM Group’s Pat Barry put it, “AI is like a puppy. From the beginning you have to feed, train and watch over it to get it to the point of being more independent.” To that end, the human touch is vital to the ethical and successful utilization of AI:
  • Fact-checking: Sometimes, the information that Generative AI provides is downright inaccurate and ChatGPT currently doesn’t cite its sources. So it’s critical to validate its output.
  • Brand stewardship: AI-generated content requires diligent human review and refinement to ensure that it is reflective of the brand’s desired guidelines, tone and voice.
  • Content authenticity: If everyone relies on AI alone for development, we collectively run the risk of creating similar, generic content.
  • Clear direction: A ChatGPT prompt is like a communications brief… the clearer the direction you provide, the better the output you receive back.
There are still many unknowns about how Generative AI will impact the industry from an SEO, SEM and analytics perspective as new models are constantly emerging and optimizing, as are the regulations around them. This will be particularly true for healthcare, as questions about health and medicine, including symptoms and treatments, are reportedly among those most frequently asked on ChatGPT. What we do know is that SPM Group will be monitoring developments in the AI race and that it’s already changing marketing workflows, so we encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already!

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