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People are our
greatest asset.

The SPM Group is led by top talent from across both the healthcare marketing and general consumer marketing and advertising industries. We bring specific individual agency talent together to create custom, seamless combinations of capability and expertise all focused on our clients’ needs and goals.

Our people have worked on the biggest consumer and business to business brands. They represent expertise across nearly every major sector from automotive, financial, package goods, travel, entertainment, and government. Together with leading healthcare experts and insiders, we focus this collaboration of experiences 100% on the health and healthcare industry—for the improved health of us all.

spm group amanda

Amanda Seaford.
CEO, SPM Group 

spm group joel

Joel Wilcoxen.
CFO/COO, SPM Group  

Megan Lynch.
Human Resources, SPM Group

Bill Tourlas.
Chief Growth Officer,
SPM Group 

spm group dan

Dan Miers.
Chief Healthcare Strategist,
SPM Group

Laura Roberts.
Chief Client Officer, SPM Group

Jim Larmon.
Chief Creative Officer

Shannon Curran.
President, SPM Marketing & Communications 

spm group kim

Kim Angel.
SVP, Insights & Strategy, SPM Group  

Kara Rozek.
VP, Media 

Pat Barry.
VP, Data & Analytics 

Christine Blanchette.
VP, Digital Operations 

Phaedra Marshall.
Chief Technology Officer

spm group dan gemp

Dan Gemp.
President, Dreamscape 

Kevin Plumlee.
Managing Director, Dreamscape 

Joe Stella.
VP, Association Growth, GLC 

Shannon Cummins.
VP, Healthcare Sales, GLC 

spm group rene ryan

Rene Ryan.
President, GLC